Take action: Let Russian government know you support LGBT Chechens

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March 29 marks the day, one year ago, when the Russian LGBT Network first learned of the organized detention and execution of gay and bisexual men in Chechnya. Since then, their staff, volunteers, and member organizations have helped relocate 100 Chechens persecuted for the sexual orientation or gender identity to safer countries—often putting their own lives at risk

But the federal government in Russia has yet to open an official investigation into the human rights violations.

So the Russian LGBT Network is asking people around the world to show their solidarity with persecuted Chechens and those supporting them by creating short videos with words of encouragement for the survivors, then post them to social media with the hashtag #100forJustice through March 29, the Chechen LGBT Day of Remembrance.

You can call on the Russian government to investigate the deaths, talk about why this issue is important to you, or simply state your support for LGBT Chechens and the work the Russian LGBT Network is doing.

I look forward to watching your videos on March 29!

Let the word know you support LGBT Chechens by recording a short video and posting it to social media with the tag #100forJustice. Click To Tweet

Here’s a copy of the email the Russian LGBT Network sent to announce the campaign:

Hello, dear Dale Cameron Lowry!  We are the team of the Russian LGBT Network - the biggest LGBT organization in Russia.  During the passed year, LGBT people from Chechnya were murdered and tortured just for being gay, lesbian and transgender. We have been providing support to LGBT survivors persecuted for their sexual orientation and gender identity since the beginning of the crackdown and helped 100 survivors to find sanctuary abroad.  Link:   March 29th, 2017 the Russian LGBT Network received first unconfirmed evidence suggesting a massive campaign against the LGBT community in Chechnya. In honor of this date, we establish the Chechen LGBT Day of Remembrance and start social campaign #100forjustice (100 is a number of the survivors), to urge the government to start the investigation.  We continue rescuing people and drawing attention to the problem of severe human rights violations in Chechnya. We ask LGBTIQ+ and human right activists around the globe to say some words in support to Chechen LGBT community and our work in particular.  All we ask is to record a short video with the words of encouragement and mark it with the hashtag #100forJustice. This is how we want to keep public attention drawn to this outrageous gay-purge, urge Russian authorities to start a proper investigation and simply support those, who suffered from persecutions.   Your participation is very important for us and all the Chechen LGBT society. I hope you could sacrifice a couple of minutes to make this video!   Thank you in advance! Warm regards from snowy Saint Petersburg      Best regards,    Evgenia        Program Manager    Russian LGBT Network    evgenia@lgbtnet.org



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