Rainbow Snippet from “Far From Home,” an erotic sci-fi story

far from home book cover

My contribution this week to the is from Far From Home, my erotic science-fiction short about husbands on different planets. Rajiv and Mateo met while working as part of a scientific team adapting Mars for human habitation. But now work has brought Rajiv back to Earth, where he’s restoring the wastelands of the formerly fertile U.S. Midwest. and they rely on technology and the help of their imaginations to stay emotionally and sexually close during the separation. I hope you enjoy this snippet! … Read more

Book Review: Serpent’s Kiss by Layla Dorine

serpents kiss book cover

Serpent’s Kiss by Layla Dorine is a wild ride full of mystery, intrigue, and suspense in a society that’s been driven underground. Readers who enjoy fantasy filled with political machinations, assassination plots, and outsider heroes will be drawn in by this novel. Of course, there’s romance too and a bit of steam — though the leads are surprisingly chaste for how much they want to tear each other’s clothes off. … Read more

Rainbow Snippets: Six Lines of LGBTQ+ fiction from “The Tree of Wisdom”

forest seclusion cover (1)

My contribution this week to the Rainbow Snippets meme comes from “The Tree of Wisdom,” a love story that appears in the new queer fairy tale anthology Forest Seclusion from Supposed Crimes Publishers. At the price of free, you can’t afford not to buy it. … Read more

Tax Season Is a Time to Keep Cool: A Writer’s Guide to Missing 1099-MISC forms and Unpaid Royalties

person doing taxes

It’s tax season here in the United States, and questions popping up on many author boards is, “What do I do if my publisher didn’t send me a Form 1099-MISC?” and “Can I deduct unpaid royalties as a loss if my publisher closed?” This article covers who needs a 1099-MISC, what to do if you don’t get a 1099-MISC or get one that’s wrong, and how little the IRS cares about your unpaid royalties. It also discusses reporting publishers you suspect of tax fraud. … Read more

Rainbow Snippets: Six Lines of LGBTQ+ fiction from “Sucker for Love”

Two men embracing in bed.

Excerpt from Sucker for Love, a love story between two men told through three acts of oral intimacy. The narrator is Marcus, the child of a British and a German ex-pat living in the United States, and this scene takes place in college (that’s “university” to my UK friends), after Marcus develops a crush on the captain of his rowing team.. … Read more

Choosing an e-Newsletter Service: An author’s first impressions of SendPulse

If you don’t have an author email newsletter yet, you need to start one. Here, Dale gives a brief comparison of the email marketing services MailChimp and SendPulse for sending newsletters, with a look at ease of use, customer service, options, and price considerations. … Read more