Rainbow Snippet: A peek into the mind of a fledgling vampire

black and white photo of woman with red lipstick and dripping blood from her lips

It’s been a couple months since I’ve posted a Rainbow Snippet, but I decided to get back in the action for a new anthology release coming up in October.  Ravenous from Pen & Kink Publishing is an anthology of vampire erotica due out on Friday, October 13, and it includes my story “Sweeter than Blood,” about a fledgling vampire who becomes enthralled with one of the customers at his barbershop. … Read more

Call for Submissions: Ghosts on Drugs | Due ASAP

Have you written a short story about a ghost on drugs? Or something that’s pretty close? Then Hy Bender and Will Paoletto want to read it for their aptly titled anthology Ghosts on Drugs. Pays 15 cents a word for the first 2,500 words and 6 cents a word after, plus royalties. … Read more

Call for Submissions: Plenitude Magazine seeks LGBTTQI Literature

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Plenitude is a Canadian literary magazine featuring non-genre short stories, novel excerpts, non-fiction, and poetry from LGBTTQI artists. It “aims to complicate expressions of queerness through the publication of diverse, sophisticated literary writing, graphic narrative and short film, from the very subtle to the brash and unrelenting.”
Pays $25–$60. … Read more

Pen to Pen: Editing your first chapter with Annetta Ribken

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Developmental editing takes a look at the big picture, rather than the nitty-gritty of word choice and grammar. It’s the first type of editing any story should go through. Annetta offers great advice on specific things to ask yourself and where to start: your first chapter.

… Read more