Azerbaijan authorities arrest dozens of LGBTQ people

NBC News reports that up to 100 people have been arrested in Azerbaijan as part of a campaign against gay/bisexual men and transgender women:

Fifty to 100 LGBTQ people were arrested in Azerbaijan after raids on bars and private homes this month, according to activists and local media reports.

Azerbaijani officials said the raids were part of a campaign to crackdown on prostitution, but activists charge that police specifically targeted gay men and transgender women in Baku, the Eurasian nation’s capital.

Azerbaijan is an independent European nation south of the Russian autonomous state of Chechnya, where a government-sponsored terror campaign earlier this year led to the deaths of at least 26 men and the kidnapping and torture of more than a hundred. Both states are in the Caucasus mountain region near the border of Eastern Europe and Western Asia.

On Friday, activist Javid Nabiyev of Nefes LGBT Azerbaijan Alliance posted this video to Facebook discussing the current raids in Baku, Azerbaijan.


You can find out more at Dozens of LGBTQ People Reportedly Arrested in Azerbaijan – NBC News.

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