Author Elaine White gives Falling Hard 5 Stars


“What a fantastic collection of stories! And, don’t underestimate that tag in the title. This really is a story about men falling in love. It’s not erotica. It’s not cheap thrills. It’s not even cheesy romance. This is real men, of all different ages, backgrounds and showing a range of diversity in various forms, sharing their stories of romance and love.Normally, I offer a star rating for each story, but I don’t need to do that here. Every story is 5 star quality. Perfection. Beautiful. Romantic. All of these stories are those things and more. Some made me cry, some made me laugh and you can bet your bottom that I was smiling through almost every one of them. They may tackle tough issues, real challenges that relationships can face, but they do it in a respectful, compassionate way that draws the reader into the story. Because these are feel-good stories of love and overcoming all the odds.I’ve fallen in love with Dale Cameron Lowry’s writing and I’ll be reading any and every book they ever write.”

Source: Book Exposure: Falling Hard: Stories of Men in Love, by Dale Cameron Lowry – Vampires, Crime and Angels…Eclectic Me