Boy Meets Boy Reviews gives Love Unmasked 4.5 Hearts

This was the cutest story EVAH!!!

OMG so adorable. Aaron is a raccoon shifter in a world full of predatory shifters, so he keeps it to himself. He meets Philip in a coffee house while working on some edits, and they hit it off immediately. Only he can’t seem to come up with a good way to tell Philip he turns into a raccoon. After a night of passion, Aaron learns that Philip has been keeping secrets too.

This story just gave me big warm fuzzies. It was well rounded for a short, and even for the quick timeline, I was happy for these two fellas. I believe in their connection.

Source: Boy Meets Boy Reviews: Shifter Sunday Funday: A Walk on the Wild Side Anthology | 2016 Dreamspinner Daily Dose Week 4

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