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Take a Pause

Mental illness, suicide, depression, addiction and self-injury –
topics that are hard for a lot. Whether they’ve been diagnosed
themselves or have someone close that has, the effects are felt for
years. Every day someone gets a tattoo of a semi colon to help keep
the conversation going. A story can help the conversation too. The
hope that can be written into a story can mean the difference to
someone you don’t know. Give someone that hope.

Submissions should:

  – Have a theme of how this touches at least one of the main characters’ life.
     (Suggestions: two men that meet while trying to understand why a
     friend took their life; a tattoo artist that is doing a lot of semi-colon
     tattoos and doesn’t understand until one customer explains it to
     him; a nurse/doctor/counselor that works with patients battling
     depression or addiction; a EMT that has dealt with a rash of suicides
     that needs his partner to help ground him.)
  – Be a minimum of 10k, maximum of 40k
  – Any subgenre is welcome and all prohibitive guidelines are observed
  – Submissions should be sent to
  – Any questions can be sent to Kris Jacen at
  – Deadline for submissions: January 8, 2016.

Notes: I’ve never worked with them, but their website is steamin’, and I’d love to see more well-written romances involving characters with mental illness.

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