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Call for Submissions: Leaving on …

…a jet plane? a train? a car? a ship? a camel? on foot? We all have our

ULTIMATE trip of a life time. What could be more magical than visiting Rome? Or the city of love Paris? What if your trip is to hike Machu Picchu? See the Pyramids at Giza? The midnight sun in Alaska? The Great Barrier Reef? Everyone has a trip they want to make sometime. The destinations are as endless and varied as the men that want to take them.    Suggestions: a bookish travel agent that wishes he were the one going    on the trip; a flight attendant that wants to be traveling for pleasure    with the one he loves; a son that has been watching over his parents that    is now free to go somewhere; a couple planning their honeymoon; Have a    couple getting a second chance at love together 
Deadline for submissions: March 1, 2015

Submissions should be sent to 
 Any questions can be sent to Kris Jacen at

  Submissions should:  – All stories should have a theme of trip of a life time  – Be a minimum of 10k, maximum of 40k  – Any subgenre is welcome and all prohibitive guidelines are observed 


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