Call for Submissions: Anthology for Trans / Non-binary Survivors of Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault - (Expired)

Calls for Submissions For Writers

An interesting call I found at Lambda Literary. I checked out the site and it’s unclear whether this is a paying opportunity, so check with the editor about that. Also note that your name will not be attached to your contribution.

enough / enough is for trans and non-binary survivors of sexual assault / domestic violence. Lexie will be collecting letters that participants write to their body parts until April 30th, 2017, and the anthology will be released tentatively in summer 2017. …

  • Length, 1 word to 10 pages double spaced.
  • Each letter should focus on 1 body part, but can address relationships to other body parts or other peoples’ bodies.
  • Remember it’s a letter to yourself, not about yourself.
  • Write as many as you would like! But only 2 pieces from each person will be published in the book.


A few logistical things + fun facts,

  • Gladly accept pieces mixing languages or original visual art. I will never “correct” or censor your grammar or what you choose to share, unless you ask.
  • Names will not be attached to any of the pieces, but listed in random order in the opening pages, unless you choose to keep anonymous.
  • Everyone wanting a piece published in the book will be required to fill out a consent form. …

Reach out at anthology @ if you have thoughts, questions, dreams, brain-storming needs, or if writing takes you to a place you can’t go alone!

Source: Lambda Literary and

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