Call for Submissions: Canadian LGBTQ2 anthology

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Hey Canadians. Want to share your LGBTQ2 story for a small honorarium and copy of the final anthology? Rebel Mountain Press is looking for your memoirs, fiction, poetry, and artwork. Deadline is June 30, 2017.

Is Canada a safe haven for LGBTQ2? Tell us your story.

Most of us think that Canada is a safe and welcoming place for LGBTQ2 people. Is it?

What is/was it like growing up LGBTQ2 in Canada? What is it like now in terms of how you fit into Canadian society -with family, friends, workplace, community, etc.

Many LGBTQ2 people from across the Globe have fled their homeland to seek safety and acceptance in Canada. What was your experience in your country that led you to flee to Canada, and what has it been like since? Has Canada lived up to your expectations…or not?

Book anthology for release in 2017: now accepting submissions of memoirs, fiction, poetry, and artwork from Canadian LGBTQ2 writers & artists, or from LGBTQ2 writers & artists who have come to Canada from across the Globe. No entry fee.



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