Call for Submissions: CICADA wants stories about puppets and dolls | Due May 27 - (Expired)

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Cicada is a wonderful literary magazine geared toward teenagers, and right now it’s looking for works involving puppets and dolls. It’s open to LGBTQIA+
stories, sci fi, speculative fiction, fantasy, literary fiction, and pretty much any genre you can think of. But make sure it’s nonexploitative and legal for teenagers to read. Stories can be up to 9,000 words. Cicada pays up to 10¢/word. (No indication of how low their pay goes, though. If you get accepted, make sure to negotiate.)

Current Calls for Submission

Call for Submissions: Puppets & Dolls
Deadline: May 27, 2017

Cicada YA/teen lit magazine seeks fiction, poetry, comics, and essays on the theme of Puppets & Dolls. Around the world, puppets and dolls serve many purposes—children’s toys, storytelling props, decoration, conduits for the supernatural. How do we pull one another’s strings to get what we want? How do we project our feelings onto one another? How can this harm a relationship? Respectful works exploring manipulation/toxic relationships: great. Exploitative, explicit, or abusive works: nope. Also encouraged: works about totally non-metaphorical dolls and magnificent puppetry performances.

Want to know more? Check out the original call at Cricket Media Submission Manager – CICADA magazine(Cricket is Cicada’s parent publishing company.)

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