Call for Submissions: Erotic Teasers anthology for Cleis Press, Due Oct. 1, 2017 - (Expired)

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Rachel Kramer Bussel is a wonderful editor who puts together some of the best erotica anthologies out there. She’s putting together an anthology about erotic teasing. She’s looking for previously unpublished stories in the 3,500-4,500 word range by October 1. Payment is $100 and two copies of the book for first publication rights. More details:

Editor Rachel Kramer Bussel is looking for original, unpublished and highly creative erotic short stories around the theme of teasing for an anthology to be published by Cleis Press. This anthology will contain 15-17 varied stories that involve everything from edging to prolonged foreplay, sense deprivation (blindfolds, earplugs, etc.), tickling and other forms of erotic teasing. Feel free to use your imagination with this theme. Every story in the book will approach the theme of teasing differently, so variety is key. I don’t want any clichéd story lines or shopworn characters; I want unique and engaging plots that involve couples and couplings about characters of different sexual orientations, genders, ages, races and sexual experience levels who are exploring this arousing type of sexual play. The majority of the book will feature contemporary settings, but I will also consider historical and futuristic/paranormal/sci fi tales. All sexual acts must be clearly consensual by all parties …

All stories should have a compelling beginning, middle and end. Make every word count and advance the story you want to tell. Consider each sentence and as: Does it serve a purpose? Is it advancing your story? If not, cut it. I want stories that will make readers stop everything they’re doing and eagerly read every last word to find out what happens to your characters. I want to read about characters who push the envelope, who challenge themselves and their lovers, who are daring and wicked and kinky, who have fun with their erotic adventures, whether they are the one doing the teasing or being teased. I’m not looking for simplistic sex scenes, but rather stories with heart and soul, stories that readers will remember long after they turn the final pages, and stories that will likely inspire readers in their own erotic adventures.

Get full details on how to submit and the contract that will be offered if your story is accepted:

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2 thoughts on “Call for Submissions: Erotic Teasers anthology for Cleis Press, Due Oct. 1, 2017 - (Expired)

  1. Rachel is great. We first crossed paths when I did one of her Litreactor courses, and she’s a phenomenal fount of information and encouragement!!

    by the way – congratulations on your fabby review from Archaeolibrarian! It’s much deserved. I LOVE Falling Hard. SO sexy. So addictive!

  2. She’s a lovely writer, a careful editor, and a smart businesswoman. A great combination! She’s encouraging both with her words and her example.

    And thanks for the congrats! Perhaps I could make it literally addictive so that each reader would be compelled to buy 100 copies a piece. Just imagine 😉 Probably not the best formula for sustainability, though. I don’t want to make my readers broke. I just need to entice more of them with my blurbs … I am getting better at that thanks to you.

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