Call for Submissions: Ghosts on Drugs | Due ASAP

Have you written a short story about a ghost on drugs? Or something that’s pretty close? Then Hy Bender and Will Paoletto want to read it for their aptly titled anthology Ghosts on Drugs.

  • Length: 2 to 40 manuscript pages
  • Payment: 15 cents a word for the first 2,500 words and 6 cents a word for additional words, plus royalties; pays on acceptance
  • Genres: They’re particularly looking for comedy that crosses over with other genres, but they’ll consider any genre or genre crossover
  • Queries welcome
  • Original material only, please

From the original call for submissions:

The only rule is that a tale include some version of at least one ghost who’s on some version of at least one drug.

And both key terms are broadly defined—e.g., a ghostwriter hooked on cough syrup could fit, and a dead ancient god with an inhumanly intense craving to be worshipped again could too.

Whatever the category, we want stories that are fresh, smart, extremely entertaining, appeal to a wide-ranging audience (high concepts are especially appreciated), and provide an emotionally satisfying ending (smartly crafted character arcs/transformations are especially appreciated).

In other words, send us your very best work. Blow us away with your intelligence, originality, honesty, and artistry.

For complete details, updates, and information on where to submit and where to send questions, please visit Ghosts on Drugs.

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