Call for Submissions: Tell Chicken Soup for the Soul about your crazy family | Due Sept. 30 - (Expired)

Calls for Submissions For Writers

Chicken Soup for the Soul wants nonfiction stories and poems for its upcoming book Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Crazy Family—101 Stories That Put the Fun Back in Dysfunctional. Pay is $200 plus 10 copies of the paperback edition for stories of up to 1,200 words.  Authors retain the rights to their work and may republish it at any time.

Originally, Chicken Soup for the Soul wanted essays by Sept. 6, but the deadline has been extended to Sept. 30.

We all have that certain someone in our own family who, while lovable, sweet, and caring, is also nutty or weird. We love that person but, at the same time, that family member makes us crazy! A parent or grandparent, an in-law, a brother or sister, an aunt, uncle or cousin. We all have them and you know who they are! We are looking for true stories and poems about those family members. We would like your stories to be silly, outrageous, hilarious, and make us laugh, but they should also show the kindness and caring of your family member too. The stories should show the readers that their family members are not really that different from the members of other families.

Here are some suggested topics, but we know you can think of many more, since there is no way we can think of all the ways that families can be nutty:

  •  Crazy but lovable
  •  Killing with kindness
  •  Sweetness to a fault
  •  Wedding mishaps
  •  Holiday meltdowns
  •  Compulsions and obsessions
  •  Funny foibles
  •  Funeral flare-ups
  •  Estate issues
  •  Vacationing together
  •  Annoying habits
  •  … Anything else that you think is interesting about your sweet outrageous relatives
    You must submit your story or poem using your real name, but if your work is selected to be published in the book, we expect many of you to use pen names and change the names of family members to protect the innocent (or guilty!).

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