Call for Submissions: Women’s Travel Stories for “My Wandering Uterus”, Due July 1, 2017 - (Expired)

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Don’t let the title of this anthology fool you. It’s open to all women, with or without uteruses, to be edited by “all-purpose writer” K.A. Laity. Essays should be previously unpublished, 3,000 to 8,000 words, and turned in by July 1. Here’s the call:

We seek essays, stories and poetry about your experiences of being a woman on the road — the joys, the perils, the lessons, the changes. Whether a spiritual pilgrimage or a forced evacuation, in pursuit of opportunity or escape from your past, travel broadens. What have you learned?

We would like to see a diverse treasure trove of entries from women across the globe from every walk of life and as many different experiences as possible. If you no longer have a uterus or were born without one, never fear: all women are welcome. …
We will ask for world-wide print & ebook rights for a year and pay at minimum $10 via Paypal plus give you a copy of the book. We hope to do some fundraising to make the payments more generous but that will be determined as we go along. …

If you need a little background on the concept of the ‘wandering uterus’ as a diagnosis to control women, please read this wonderful piece.

Formatting details and additional information is available at Call for Submissions: My Wandering Uterus | K. A. Laity

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