Call for Submissions: NineStar Press seeks F/F paranormal stories | No deadline

NineStar Press, a publisher of LGBTQIA fiction, has an ongoing call for short paranormal stories featuring women who love women. Stories should be 5,000–12,000 words (or slightly longer) and fall into the paranormal romance or paranormal erotica categories. Accepted stories will appear in quarterly anthologies. Payment is in royalties.

Details from the original call for submissions:

NineStar Press is seeking submissions for a lesbian paranormal―werewolves, vampires, mythical creatures―anthology. …

Heat: Sweet (no sex or “fade-to-black”) through to fully erotic—super hot; scorching.

Content: The story must have an FF or FFF pairing. Both HEA and HFN are acceptable.

Genre: Can be any theme as long as it fits in the paranormal genre.

Standalone stories or part of a series are considered.

What NineStar Press does not accept:

  • Pedophilia
  • Necrophilia (doesn’t apply to vamps, zombies and any other kind of “undead”—they’re A-okay with us!)
  • Incest (step relations are considered)
  • Bestiality (doesn’t apply to shifters or most sci-fi & fantasy creatures with human forms)
  • Rape or non-consensual sex for titillation (dubcon and rape as a non-titillation plot device will be considered on a case-by-case basis)
  • Content that demeans identifiable groups


Read where and how to submit at Submissions – NineStar Press

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