Call for Submissions: Werewolves vs Fascism - (Expired)

(WVF) is a special edition of WEREWOLVES VERSUS (WV) for the benefit of the American Civil Liberties Union, to be published between WV04 (Space) and WV05 (TDB). 

The theme for this special issue is to be interpreted as “werewolves in opposition to fascism”. For the purposes of content guidelines, “fascism” is defined as “oppressively authoritarian and nationalistic system of government or social organization” …

Content guidelines

  • Use the theme. Your entry should incorporate the theme in some way, either as a main ingredient or as a garnish. The theme does not have to be overt, but readers should not have to struggle to identify it.
  • Do not portray violence or advocate for violence against real, living people. This issue covers a topic about which people feel strongly, and it comes at time when there are prominent public figures implicitly or directly linked to fascistic behaviour around the world. As tempting as it may be to depict such a figure in your work, we are not down with promoting violence against real people. Aside from being contrary to the generally positive vibe of WV, it’s detrimental to this issue’s goal of raising money for a good cause. …
  • WV is not for kids. Given the subject matter (especially for this issue), some violence and horror are to be expected. However, we don’t publish graphic sexuality or gratuitous violence (eg. depictions of over-the-top gore that do not advance the story). Keep it R-rated at a maximum.
  • WV is inclusive. We do not publish anything that advocates misogyny, misandry, homophobia, transphobia or racism.

This is a charity anthology. Authors donate their work and proceeds go to the ACLU. You can find full details at

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