Call for Submissions: Wet Summer Nights - (Expired)

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Summers can often be hot and volatile, with everyone looking for a way to cool down or release the heat. Strong personalities collide and rivals clash when heat waves hit all time highs. The suits have no idea how good they have it in their air-conditioning and fancy offices. Of course, the working grunts outside have perfected the art of cooling down. So what if they’re from the opposite side of town. Sparks will fly on wet summer nights.

What we’re looking for:

We’re looking for stories with a strong romantic element—all romances with well-developed genre fiction (fantasy, science fiction, paranormal, contemporary, etc.) will be considered and are strongly encouraged—starring gay protagonists. All male characters, cis* and trans* are welcome. Hopeful or happy endings are a must.

A white collar/blue collar, cross-town, wrong side of the tracks lovers theme must be prevalent in the plot. Stories should be 10K-18K, not previously published, and standalone pieces that are not part of a series or established universe. These will be single pay compensation arrangements.

Submissions deadline: March 31, 2017

Publication: July 2017

Source and submission details:

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