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Martian Migraine Press seeks stories about the terrifying worlds that lie beneath for CHTHONIC: Weird Tales of Inner Earth. The seed story for the anthology is H.P. Lovecraft’s The Rats in the Wallsthough writers are expected to conjure up their own horrors.

Stories should generally be 1,500 to 7,000 words, though flash fiction will also be considered. Payment is 3¢/word (Canadian currency) via PayPal. Contributors will receive two paperback copies of the anthology and all digital formats. They will also receive three Martian Migraine titles of their choice.

The editors will consider both originals and reprints. Deadline is July 31 for release in December 2017.

Inner earth, a near infinite space of vast, echoing potential … our (possible?) birthplace, and the place where we all return, either as corpses, or something other? … the churning, chaotic underworld, and true home of all that is weird, unconscious, and forbidden. Descend with us in this anthology of weird fiction; descend to the realms CHTHONIC. …

We want to see bizarre civilizations, mind-boggling physical and biological phenomena, horrific rituals, mad science and madder sorcery. We want to feel the tunnel floors beneath our feet shake with the passage of beasts, machines, and gods that have never seen the light of the sun; sentient oils, intelligent muck, living rock, molemen, formless spawn and Efts of the Prime, worms, Dholes, and ghastlier things. But CHTHONIC won’t be just a serving of pop culture “surface” material, if you’ll pardon the pun. We like to see stories with depth (oh god, another one, sorry!); emotional and psychological explorations of the internal spaces of the human mind and soul, as well as the ground below. Write us stories that induce crushing claustrophobia or open us wide to new dimensions of thought and being. If your story can do both, so much the better.

Get all the details at: » CHTHONIC: Weird Tales of Inner Earth

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