Call for submissions: Sexy stories on Nonverbal Healing | Due June 15 - (Expired)

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Circlet Press, the groundbreaking publisher of erotic science fiction and fantasy, has a call out for stories on nonverbal healing for Touch Me, Heal Me: An Anthology of Erotic Fantasy and Science Fiction edited by Mollie Wolfe. Stories should be 3,500 to 7,500 words (more or less) and pay is $25 for first electronic rights. If the anthology has a print edition, that’s another $25 as well. Deadline is soon: June 15.

Circlet is always open to any kind of consensual pairing.

It’s a conceptual call, open for a wide variety of interpretations. What kinds of stories does it inspire in you?:

Marginalized identities, cultures, and individuals have survived horrific traumas that remain unspoken, whether voiced or written. Rather than relegating these traumas to the past, this repression dooms such damage to repetition without end. Freud’s “talking cure” hinged on giving voice to such silenced memories, but some traumas lie too deep to be expressed in words. Non-verbal expression, connection, and communication lie at the heart of the needed healing, making erotica the perfect medium to explore this concept.

“It is always the story of the wound,” trauma scholar Cathy Caruth writes, “that cries out, that addresses us in the attempt to tell us of a reality or truth that is not otherwise available.” Freud located this wound in language and the psyche, but we can center it elsewhere, in the body, in the physical, erotic, and ecstatic self. What erotic practices exist, or can be imagined in your stories and fantasy worlds that would allow the memories of the flesh to speak? …

All stories must include explicit sexuality and erotic focus. Romantic content is welcome, but in a short story remember to keep the details on the action and its effects on the main character’s internal point of view. … Sex-positive, please.

Formatting and submission guidelines can be found at Call for submissions: Erotic stories on Sexual and Nonverbal Healing | Circlet Press



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