Call for Submissions: Sci-Fi stories of new worlds | Due July 31 - (Expired)

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Franklin/Kerr Press seeks science fiction stories with a focus on new worlds and civilizations for its upcoming anthology Into the Unknown.  Stories should be 2,000 to 8,000 words, though there is flexibility on the upper end of the limit. Pays $5/1,000 words plus one year of net royalties once upfront costs of the anthology have been recouped. Each author will also receive a copy of the anthology. The publisher asks for one year of exclusive English-language rights, then non-exclusive English-language rights thereafter. Deadline is July 31.

A few details:

Franklin/Kerr Press is looking for exceptional sci-fi short stories with a focus on new worlds and civilizations for our upcoming sci-fi anthology Into the Unknown. Stories can cover a wide variety of sci-fi sub-genres as long as they utilize new worlds and civilizations in some context. We will not accept works with erotic or extreme sexually explicit elements. We will choose eight to ten stories to include in the anthology from author submissions to be published in both print and e-book formats. …

No simultaneous submissions will be accepted. Multiple submissions from the same author will be considered but please note that only one story per author will be accepted to allow for greater variety and diversity. Previously unpublished stories only, no reprints unless requested. …

Send your full manuscript along with a query letter, brief bio and social media URLs to in a .DOC or .DOCX format with a subject line of “ITU Anthology Submission / Your Name,” i.e. “ITU Anthology Submission / John Doe.” Submissions should be formatted according to the Shunn Short Story Manuscript Formatting Guide. … We will send out acceptance notifications a few weeks after the submission deadline.

Source: Call for Submissions: Sci-Fi Anthology | Franklin/Kerr Press

I do not knowingly announce submission calls by publishers who do not fulfill their contractual obligations. However, readers are responsible for conducting their own due diligence when submitting work and negotiating contracts.

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