Chechnya LGBT community risk death but find little help from outside | Sky News

Sky News tells the heartbreaking story of “Arthur,” a gay Chechen man who has fled to Moscow to escape police and a family who seek to kill him.

There is a small group of LGBT activists in Russia trying to help, led by an overworked man called Igor Kochetkov. Together, they have received more than 90 calls over the past few months from desperate people looking for help. Their immediate priority is to keep them secure until they can find a way to get them out of the country.

“Nowhere is safe.

“We know of cases when relatives find family members in Moscow or other parts of Russia and they force them back to Chechnya and kill them there – or beat them until they are almost dead.”

But Mr Kochetkov and his team have encountered a serious problem. While western leaders issue critical statements, singling out the Chechen authorities for their treatment of gay men, their embassies have done little to help in terms of providing emergency visas for those in hiding.

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