Book Review: Falling for a Pirate by Meredith Bond | Proceeds help gay Chechens

“How can I be more kind?” It’s a question at the heart of the poetry of Hafez, a Sufi mystic often quoted by pirate captain Salim al-Mandri, the beloved in this time-travel romance. And it becomes a crucial question for our hero Dylan, who’s not sure how to square his affection for Salim with his revulsion for violence. Falling for a Pirate by Meredith Bond is an adventurous romance with a philosophical soul.
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Forty gay men saved from Chechnya purge by Russian LGBT Network | NPR & PinkNews

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The Russian LGBT Network is saving the lives of gay/bi Chechens, and those perceived to be gay. In an audio interview with NPR, the network’s communications director talked about the dozens of men they have helped evacuate from Chechnya over the past month or so, as well as the Russian government’s inaction. She said that international pressure has led to some minimal response, and that more pressure could help. So get involved! … Read more

‘I will not be silent’: Writers speak out for LGBT Chechens

Readers & Writers for LGBT Chechens is getting a lot of support from book review and author blogs. As more people become aware of the issue, we hope the Russian LGBT Network and other organizations helping displaced Chechens will receive the money they need. Here, we highlight a few posts where authors talk about why they have chosen to raise funds to help queer Chechens. We begin with erotic romance author Adira August, who is donating proceeds from her book On His Knees to the Russian LGBT Network through the end of May. … Read more

From Russia with hate: How Putin’s anti-LGBT crackdown led to the persecution of gay men in Chechnya |

Are you trying to understand the situation faced by LGBT people in the Russian Federation? A recent article from explains the context for the persecution of gay men, and men perceived to be gay, in Chechnya and how the Russian government has fostered an increasingly hostile climate toward LGBT people in recent years. … Read more

‘Everyone Deserves to Live Life to Its Fullest’

Last Wednesday, I got the chance to visit author Lily Blunt’s blog to talk about why I began to fundraise for the Russian LGBT Network and other organizations helping Chechens at risk of arrest and worse. I talked a bit about my childhood in the Netherlands and how it shaped me: On school and family … Read more

A round-up of blogs encouraging people to help LGBT Chechens

A quick round up of some of the blogs kind enough to highlight Readers & Writers for LGBT Chechens over the past few days: OptimuMM, Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words, Jo Tannah’s blog, Nephy Hart’s Angel Feathers, and Addison Albright’s Stories that Make you Smile. … Read more

But Our Love is Stronger than Your Hate | Rian Durant on the situation in Chechnya

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Yesterday, author Rian Durant wrote a moving post about the situation in Chechnya and urged her readers to help LGBT Chechens. “Can you spare a minute of your busy day to imagine the horror? Of being scared to go out on the street, of being dragged out of your house in the middle of the night, of being hurt in manners only a sick mind can conceive, of having to choose in the end between death and betraying your friends. Only because you love who you love. …” … Read more

QueeromanceInk & author Jodi Payne draw attention to the persecution of gay Chechens

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Queeromance Ink had Jodi Payne on its blog this morning to talk about the situation in Chechnya and how readers can help. Jodi and her co-author, Chris Owen, donated the 5-ebook Deviations erotic romance series to the Readers & Writers for LGBT Chechens charity auction. It’s an informative and moving article that gives a brief timeline of events affecting gay (and perceived-as-gay) men in Chechnya and international responses. … Read more