Christina’s Bookshelf gives Falling Hard 5 stars

I was delighted to wake up this morning to a notification about a new review of Falling Hard: Stories of Men in Love from Christina’s bookshelf. Even though I get nervous listening to people talking about me, I was an adult and sat through the whole thing.  I might have blushed a bit.


Below is a little highlight. Not sure if it makes as much sense without the terrific hand gestures and facial expressions, but maybe it’ll give you an idea:

And if you’re going to say, ‘Christina, I really don’t like short stories because they’re short and whatever-whatever’— Honest to God, I’m not a huge fan of the short short stories either. It has to be an author I really like.  And I hadn’t read anything of Dale’s before, but I was like, ‘You know, okay, I’m going to give it a try.’ Holy guacamole, Batman! Seriously. Just try it. I tried it before you bought it and I’m telling you it’s awesome.

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