Submit a publication listing - (Expired)

On this page, you can let me know about a call for submissions for possible inclusion on my writers blog. You should know:

  • Other than charity anthologies, all calls for submissions must offer payment to every published writer.
  • This form is not for contests that publish work without payment, either prior to judging or after. If your contest pays for every work that ends up published, go ahead and submit.
  • I lean toward fiction, particularly romance, speculative fiction and erotica, but occasionally list other genres.
  • If you require main characters to be white, heterosexual and cisgender, do not bother filling out this form.
  • I will rarely post a call as soon as you submit it. Please submit your call at least a few weeks ahead of the deadline.

If your call meets the above parameters and you answer all the questions, I’ll post your call and/or contact you if I need further clarification. Posting may take a few weeks depending on what else is in the queue.

If you’re not sure how to answer a question, check out some of the submission calls in the sidebar for guidance.

Thank you!