Lily G. Blunt’s blog features Falling Hard with an Excerpt

Thanks to Lily G. Blunt for hosting me on her blog today. She featured an excerpt from my story “Sweeter than Blood,” which is about a fledgling vampire and his unwise attraction to one of the customers who frequents his barbershop. Here’s a little teaser told from the vampire’s point of view when the customer, Andres, shows up for an appointment:

The smell grows stronger as I step toward Andres, a bouquet of rough minerals and sharp hormones, savory proteins and sweet sugars: the iron cool as earth, the testosterone musky and strong, and the nitrogenous amines like air after a lightning storm, crisp and pure. “I’m ready for you,” I say. It’s a lie.

Read the complete excerpt at Falling Hard | Lily G Blunt

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