Publishing tips round-up: Audible disaster, what readers look for in an author newsletter, and more

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Highlights from the week’s publishing news, plus tips to make your writing life go more smoothly. Keep up with changes in the ebook and audiobook markets, learn to format for Smashwords, improve your author newsletter, and find an audience. … Read more

Publisher warning: Authors complain of non-payment from Cool Dudes Publishing

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A number of authors have complained in private Facebook groups and pages about not receiving scheduled payments for books published through Cool Dudes Publishing. … Read more

8 mistakes Americans make when writing British characters

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In this installment of Pen to Pen, a series of guest posts by authors about writing, romance and fantasy writer Rhidian Brenig Jones stops by to talk about the some differences in British English and American English that writers often miss when they’re writing in a dialect they’re not accustomed to. … Read more

Review and How-To: Drive traffic to your website with MissingLettr social media management

I’ve used MissingLettr, a service for creating social media drip campaigns from your blog posts, for about the past six months to get the word out about my blog and have seen a noticeable spike in visitors. Here’s a post with my review and some how-tos on using it. … Read more

Pen to Pen: Liv Rancourt on Plotting and Character Motivation for Novelists

I’m thrilled to welcome Liv Rancourt back to my blog in this installment of Pen to Pen, a series of guest posts by authors about all aspects of writing. Here, she talks about plotting versus pantsing—that is, do you plan your story ahead of time, or discover what will happen as you write? … Read more

The Quick & Dirty Guide to Exporting Your Books from Pronoun

Here’s my quick-and-dirty guide to the essential information you should download from Pronoun before the site ends distribution on January 15. (Previously, MacMillan had promised to keep account information accessible through February 15, but I can no longer find this promise on its site. So stop whatever you’re doing and DOWNLOAD YOUR STUFF NOW.) … Read more

How to Publish Ebooks on Smashwords

Learn how to publish a formatted ebook to Smashwords, the world’s largest independent ebook distributor. In this illustrated tutorial, I walk you through the steps I used to publish my preformatted ebook Chance & Possibility: Seven Fantastical Tales of Gay Desire. … Read more