Submission Call: Third Flatiron wants spec fic for “Hidden Histories” Due Jan. 31; pays 6¢/word

Third Flatiron releases quarterly speculative fiction anthologies centered on a predetermined theme. Submissions are open through Jan. 31 for its spring-summer 2019 anthology, Hidden Histories. Pays 6¢/word. … Read more

Submission call: New Myths Publishing wants sci-fi and fantasy shorts stories and poetry Submissions open Jan. 1–Feb. 28, pays 1.5¢/word

New Myths Publishing wants speculative short stories and poems for its quarterly issues and an upcoming anthology. Submissions open Jan. 1–Feb. 28, pays 1.5¢/word. … Read more

Submission Call: The First Line accepting submissions for spring issue Due Feb. 1, pays $25–$50

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The First Line is accepting submissions for its Spring issue. In celebration of its twentieth anniversary, it’s giving authors the option to choose from first lines that appeared in earlier issues of the magazine. Due Feb. 1, pays $25–$50. … Read more

Submission Call: SynCyr Publishing seeks short romances for Queers in Kilts Due April 30, 2019, pays 60% of net royalties split between authors

SynCyr Publishing wants short romance stories for the upcoming anthology Queers in Kilts. They will consider all types of romances featuring queer-identifying characters. Due April 30, 2019; pays 60% of net royalties split between authors. … Read more

Submission call: Feminist literary magazine Room wants creative writing on the theme of sports Due January 31; pays $50–$150 CAD.

For its summer 2019 issue, Room magazine wants short stories, poetry, and essays by women and nonbinary writers on the theme of sports. Due January 31, 2019, pays $50–$150 CAD. … Read more

Submission call: World Weaver Press wants solarpunk stories Pays 1¢/word, submission period Jan. 1–March 1, 2019

World Weaver Press wants eco-conscious sci-fi shorts for GLASS & GARDENS: SOLARPUNK WINTERS, edited by Sarena Ulibarri. Pays 1¢/word, submission period Jan. 1–March 1, 2019. … Read more

Submission call: Juneta Key and Vanessa Wella want short stories for anthology about grumpy gods Due Jan. 13, pays royalties

Editors Juneta Key and Vanessa Wells seek short stories in fantasy, horror, sci fi, and other speculative genres for their planned anthology Grumpy Old Gods. Gods may be from established mythologies, or you can create them out of whole cloth. Due Jan. 13, pays royalties. … Read more

Submission call: Wizards in Space wants short stories, essays, poetry, art, and comics for upcoming issue Due January 15, 2019, pays $30

Wizards in Space Literary Magazine invites submissions of short fiction, essays, poetry, and black & white visual stories in multiple genres for its fourth issue. The theme is “space and place.” Due Jan. 15, pays $30. … Read more

Submission call: Liquid Imagination wants speculative fiction & poetry for February issue Due around Jan. 1, pays $8–$10 dollars for short stories or poems and $3–$5 for flash

Speculative fiction magazine Liquid Imagination wants fantasy, horror, and sci fi short stories and poetry for its February 2019 issue. They’ll close submissions about a month before releasing the issue. They pay $8–$10 dollars for short stories or poems and $3–$5 for flash. … Read more

Submission call: Crystal Lake Publishing wants short horror stories for anthology Due Jan. 1, pays 3¢/word

Crystal Lake Publishing wants short horror stories for its sixth Tales from the Lake anthology. Due Jan. 1; pays 3¢/word. … Read more