Submission call: Selene Quarterly wants short speculative romances, mysteries, and alternate histories Submission period Dec. 1–Dec. 15; pays 1¢–3¢/word for fiction and 25¢/line for poetry.

Selene Quarterly Magazine is a speculative romance, mystery, and alternate history quarterly periodical seeking short stories and flash fiction for upcoming issues. Submission period Dec. 1–Dec. 15; pays 1¢–3¢/word for fiction and 25¢/line for poetry. … Read more

Delilah Devlin extends deadline for Stranded: A Boys Behaving Badly Anthology She's looking for short erotic romances. They're now due Nov. 30; pays $25.

Delilah Devlin has extended the deadline for the upcoming anthology Stranded: A Boys Behaving Badly Anthology. She’s looking for short erotic romances in all romance subgenres. Pays $25 ninety, due Nov. 30. … Read more

Submission Call: Cast of Wonders podcast wants young adult fantasy, sci-fi, and horror shorts Pays 6¢/word, submissions open Nov. 15–Dec. 31

Cast of Wonders is accepting short story submissions (up to 6,000 words) Nov. 15–Dec. 31. Cast of Wonders is a speculative fiction podcast geared toward young adults ages 12–17, and they will consider any subgenre, from sci-fi to high fantasy to age-appropriate paranormal romance.
… Read more

Submission call: Duet Books wants LGBTQ+ short stories for young adult anthology Due Dec. 1, pays royalties

Duet Books, an imprint of LGBTQ+ publisher Interlude Press, wants short stories for an upcoming anthology geared toward young adults. Due Dec. 1, pays royalties. … Read more

Submission call: Uruk Press wants short, erotic high fantasy stories Due Dec. 1, pays 1¢/word

Uruk Press wants short stories for the upcoming erotic high fantasy anthology Sex & Sorcery 5. Due Dec. 1, pays 1¢/word … Read more

Submission call: Liminality magazine wants speculative poetry Due November 30, pays $10/poem

Liminality: A Magazine of Speculative Poetry is seeking poems in fantasy, sci-fi, horror, and related genres for its next issue. Due November 30, pays $10/poem. … Read more

Submission call: Pen and Kink Publishing wants paranormal romance shorts featuring vengeful ghosts Due Nov. 30, pays $20

Pen and Kink Publishing wants romance short stories featuring vengeful female ghosts for the anthology Triskaidekaphilia 4: Haunted. Due Nov. 30, pays $20. … Read more

Submission Call: PodCastle wants short stories in the fantasy genre Pays 6¢/word; submissions open Nov. 1–Nov. 30

The fantasy genre podcast PodCastle is open to submissions November 1–30. Editors seek out quality short fiction and encourage submissions from diverse and underrepresented groups. PodCastle pays 6¢/word for original fiction. … Read more

Submission call: McKay & Gray Publications wants queer werewolf stories Due Nov. 30, pays $0.07 CAD/word

McKay & Gray Publications wants short stories for the upcoming Moonlight: A Queer Werewolf Anthology. Due Nov. 30, pays $0.07 CAD/word. … Read more

Submission Call: Enchanted Conversation want fairy tales and myths set in winter Pays $10, due November 20

Enchanted Conversation December 2018 issue cover

Online fairy tale, folklore, and mythology magazine Enchanted Conversation is seeking stories and comics set in the season of winter for its December issue. Pays $10, due November 20. … Read more