Go read “Girl Interrupted: When Hearing Aids Thwart Romance” by Sam Thorne

Sam Thorne is a good friend and fellow writer who’s been nestled alongside me in the pages of three anthologies so far: Mad About the Boys, Sexy to Go Gay Romance, and His Seed.

Sexy to Go Gay Romance book cover His seed book cover Mad About the Boys book cover

She posted a hilarious and touching blog article yesterday about the impact of hearing aids on pillow talk and sexy times. Here’s how it begins:

Once upon a time there was a little pair of inoffensive-looking, beige hearing aids made by Phillips. They were bosom buddies from eleven to seventeen. Because each had their own endearing little quirks, I called them Matt (left aid) and Dan (right aid). By day, they were my armour, my conversational crutch, and my means of not getting run over by inattentive motorists.

By night, they were a monumental pain in the arse.

You can read the full post on her blog at Girl interrupted: when hearing aids thwart romance. It’s short, sweet, and deserves lots of love.

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