Heartbreaking Video Drives Home the Terror Faced by Gay Chechens

To speak out for LGBT Chechens unable to speak out for themselves, digitalSTAGE has created a heartbreaking short film, Unchechen. Based on news reports and interviews with survivors of the attempted purge of homosexuals in Chechnya, it consists of monologues by a father and his adult son. The son has been arrested on suspicion that he is gay. An earlier version was first performed on stage by the and Take Back Theatre Collective.

Find more info about the play on Pink News, Out, and Attitude.

The video encourages donations to Rainbow Railroad, a refugee organization seeking to obtain asylum outside of the Russian Federation for gay Chechens. It’s just as important to support the Russian LGBT Network, which is providing immediate refuge for gay Chechens via transportation and safe houses in undisclosed locations in the Russian Federation. This is a crucial intervention and a necessary step on the way to seeking asylum.

Both organizations are working together to save lives, so please give to both if possible.

Speak out for LGBT Chechens

The end of the video encourages UK nationals to lodge their concern with the Russian Embassy in the United Kingdom at bilateralrelations@rusemb.org.uk. US nationals should use rusembusa@mid.ru. And here’s the Russian Embassy in Canada. If you live somewhere else, please do a web search for your country’s Russian Embassy.

And everyone can write to the addresses provided on this urgent action alert from Amnesty International. (Also available in French and Spanish.)

Learn more ways to help at Readers & Writers for LGBT Chechens. We’ve recently added links to several petitions.

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