Janine Ashbless, Blue Mondays, and an excerpt from “The Cave”

Janine Ashbless invited me to her blog this week to share from Myths, Moons, and Mayhem as part of her Blue Monday series, which showcases erotic excerpt from new releases across the gender and  sexuality spectrum. I sent her one thousand words from my story “The Cave,” about a photographer and magic practitioner who’s documenting a paleontological expedition in Madagascar—and regularly losing sleep to the sounds of the gay couple in the next tent getting it on. Here’s a tiny taste:

I take a handful of dirt and sprinkle it over the coals, trying to snuff out the embers. A few extinguish, but most continue to coil and writhe. The low, dancing light of a fire usually reminds me of snakes, but tonight the flames are lovers, wrapping over and around each other, twisting together, merging into a larger light.

Read the rest of the excerpt at Janine Ashbless: Blue Monday: Dale Cameron Lowry guestsIt’s explicit.

If that excerpt leaves you hungry for more, or you’re just curious to learn more about the story context, you can read the opening of “The Cave” at Zak Jane Keir’s Dirty Sexy Words blog. Find more “The Cave” excerpts here, and from all of Myths, Moons, and Mayhem here.

Myths, Moons, and Mayhem will be back on Janine’s blog tomorrow with an excerpt from a different story, so keep an eye out!

Myths Moons and Mayhem bookcover

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