LGBT book bloggers on Chechnya: ‘We need to shine a light.’

Thanks to My Fiction NookDiverse Reader, and authors Annabeth Leong, Lisabet Sarai and Sarah Hadley Brook for drawing attention to the situation in Chechnya and the Readers & Writers for LGBT Chechens fundraising auction.

Annabeth wrote a post on her author blog that did a great job of capturing one of the things we’re trying to do at Readers & Writers for LGBT Chechens — build up people’s spirits with great queer stories while dealing with tough realities that continue to threaten our community.

One of the things that’s hard about right now is that there are so many things competing for our attention. It feels relentless. I want to give money to too many good causes, and I want to do more than I’m capable of doing to stop the various sorts of villainy that are going on in the world right now. That said, I feel like it’s important to pay attention as much as possible, and to do as much as possible. And some of the ways I can help involve things I enjoy doing, like reading fun books.

So today I’m going to tell you about an effort to help people in Chechnya. As Amnesty International puts it, “Men believed to be gay are being abducted, tortured or even killed in Chechnya as part of a coordinated campaign with impunity.” You can download their full report on this issue here.

You can read the rest of Annabeth’s post at Robot Lovers Prey on the Lonely: Auction: Readers and Writers for LGBT Chechens.

Diverse Reader wrote,

I am an American. There are battles I fight in this country for equal rights, for humanity, for our children, and for minorities. Sometimes it feels like I’m suffocating in injustice, being swarmed by hate. I’m shocked every day, even when I didn’t think that was possible anymore.

But, across oceans, over mountains, through forests, there are battles going on I think WE can’t even fathom. We don’t realize the horrors of some people’s reality. Too often it’s an out of sight out of mind thing. We need to shine a light.

Go check out the full post, which has several excerpts from interviews with Chechens: Diverse Reader: Charity Auction for Men at Risk in Chechnya ~Blog Post

On My Fiction Nook, Lisabet and Sarah talked about why they got involved in the Readers and Writers for LGBT Chechens auction. Lisabet said, “When I heard about the situation in Chechnya, … I was horrified, not only by the actions of the Chechen authorities but also by the fact that so few people were publicizing these atrocities.”

Sarah added, “What is happening is barbaric, and it astounds me this is happening in this day and age. We need to show those men that we support them and will not stand by quietly and let this continue.”

Read the complete post at My Fiction Nook: Readers & Writers for LGBT Chechens Blog Tour.

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