Love Bytes gives “All Is Well” 5 stars

“My only daughter had converted to Mormon a few years ago and recently married her sweetheart, a recently returned Mormon Missionary. Both of them were virgins and I was worried how this would be written, as they have openly shared their beliefs. I want to say, straight up, that this short story was done in very good taste. I believe the author either has lived the Mormon faith or has researched it extremely well. I didn’t find one thing that I could find contradictory. I also believe, whole heartily, that you are born the way you are. Trust me, a staunchly religious boy would not ‘choose’ to be gay. In the Mormon faith it is considered a huge sin. So I was so pleased to see this subject and this book take those views and values so seriously and respectfully. Love is love! And this book showed, not only the mental battles that Tanner endured, but the love, trust, friendship and understanding of his mission partner Kyle. I know that a lot of people might not choose to read a book about the Mormon faith and the struggles of a missionary with his homosexuality but I do believe that this book deserves reading. It was well written, insightful and factual. It also was very brave, as we’re both the men in this wonderful book!”

Source: Kat (reviewer) in New Release Review: Simmer: A Dreamspinner Press Anthology edited by Tricia Kristufek | Love Bytes

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