Excerpt from Morgan Elektra’s “The Endless Knot” on Janine Ashbless’s Blue Mondays

Janine Ashbless invited Myths, Moons, and Mayhem back to her blog for Blue Monday this week. She featured an excerpt from Morgan Elektra’s “The Endless Knot,” the passionate story of a vampire and werewolf who couldn’t keep their fiery relationship from burning itself to the ground. One Halloween night in New Orleans, a human named Beau shows them how to rekindle it to a steady flame.

I’d quote from the excerpt here, but the whole passage is so hot, I’m afraid it would incinerate my website.You’ll just have to go check it out at Janine Ashbless: Blue Monday: Morgan Elektra guests—though I wouldn’t read it on a work computer unless your boss is into public makeouts that involve humping and blowjob fantasies.

Myths Moons and Mayhem bookcover

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