New Release: Simmer

My first release with Dreamspinner Press is now available for pre-order as part of its Simmer anthology. This will be my first published sweet romance (read: no explicit sex scenes, although there is frank sexuality). Here’s the summary:

When Kyle Pratt cooks a feast for his fellow Mormon missionaries near Lake Migisiwauk in the Upper Midwest, nineteen-year-old Tanner Jensen falls in love at first taste. But the church teaches romantic love between men is wrong, and Tanner knows the only way to get to the highest level of heaven is by marrying a faithful woman in a Mormon temple. Tanner is forced to reconsider his beliefs as he gets to know Kyle better and the two develop a deep connection based on their shared spirituality. The two missionaries must navigate uncharted territory, figuring out how to be true to both their faith and their love for one another.

It’s a 10,000-word piece, but if you think this is the last fictional word I have to say about gay Mormon experiences, you are sadly mistaken.

Working with Dreamspinner has been lovely—a well-oiled editing process, delightful copyeditors and proofers, and clear communication throughout. I’m looking forward to getting the book into my grubby little hands on Feb. 24!

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