New Anthology: Mad About the Boys

My third release this past week is in Mad About the Boys, an m/m erotic romance anthology from House of Erotica. My piece is called “Missionary Disposition.”


Two young men bound for Mormon missions decide to have one final hurrah before turning their lives over to the control of their church for two years. They meet up in the U.S. state of Colorado for ten days of camping and sex, then head to opposite sides of the world. But the enforced chastity of their missions can’t make them forget their nights of passion, and when they return home, each is eager to show the other how sorely he was missed.

How Mormony is it? Some readers will be familiar with my five-Moroni scale for conveying how much Mormon flavor a story of mine actually contains. This one gets two rainbow Moronis out of five for being set against a Mormon cultural background but not getting into the nitty-gritty of belief.


Though maybe it should only get one, because there’s very little religion while there’s lots and lots of sex. The boys each have a foot out of the church before they even set out on their missions. (That’s not a spoiler; you learn it in the first couple paragraphs.) This scenario is pretty much the opposite of the sweet, faith-promoting, and chaste-till-marriage romance of Kyle and Tanner in my earlier, five-Moroni story “All Is Well.”

I wrote one of the stories before the LDS church’s November policy change to further marginalize gays and one after. I’ll bet you can guess which 🙂

You can buy Mad About the Boys on Amazon, Kobo, and Mondadori.

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