OJ He Say! reviews Falling Hard — 5 Stars

“The stories are all excellent in their own right, each fully developed and highly enjoyable in their short story format. The stories ramp up in from mild to scorching hot as they go on in the book which makes for a really nice progression. The emotional and romantic quotient is there and the heat factor … Read more

Gay Book Reviews’ Lily G gives Falling Hard 5 stars

“The stories within this anthology demonstrate Dale’s talent as a writer. Each storyline is different, yet poignant and beautifully written. A host of diverse and wonderfully portrayed characters have been created and, even though the stories are relatively short, the personalities are accessible and relatable. Some of the stories are sweet and romantic, some will … Read more

Author Elaine White gives Falling Hard 5 Stars

  “What a fantastic collection of stories! And, don’t underestimate that tag in the title. This really is a story about men falling in love. It’s not erotica. It’s not cheap thrills. It’s not even cheesy romance. This is real men, of all different ages, backgrounds and showing a range of diversity in various forms, … Read more

Author Pene Henson Interviews Dale about Falling Hard

“I’ve read two of the shorts in this collection and will read more. DCL is a wonderful writer who understands love in its many shades, and brings thought to light stories and fun to deep stories. Both works were a delight to read. “I also appreciated the thoughtful indication of relative heat and subject matter … Read more

Lily G. Blunt’s blog features Falling Hard with an Excerpt

Lily G. Blunt hosted me on her blog today to share about the Falling Hard anthology. She featured an excerpt from my story “Sweeter than Blood,” which is about a fledgling vampire and his unwise attraction to one of the customers who frequents his barbershop. … Read more

Boy Meets Boy Reviews gives Love Unmasked 4.5 Hearts

This was the cutest story EVAH!!! OMG so adorable. Aaron is a raccoon shifter in a world full of predatory shifters, so he keeps it to himself. He meets Philip in a coffee house while working on some edits, and they hit it off immediately. Only he can’t seem to come up with a good … Read more

Emmanuelle de Maupassant reviews “Sucker for Love” and Licked

Dale Cameron Lowry’s ‘Sucker for Love’ begins by musing humorously on the attraction of certain flavours of the body, and his early introduction to the notion of oral pleasure: I found out about oral sex for the first time like many children my age did: by listening to BBC World Service over breakfast… it was the … Read more

Love Bytes gives “All Is Well” 5 stars

“My only daughter had converted to Mormon a few years ago and recently married her sweetheart, a recently returned Mormon Missionary. Both of them were virgins and I was worried how this would be written, as they have openly shared their beliefs. I want to say, straight up, that this short story was done in … Read more