Submission call: Mystery Weekly Magazine wants crime & mystery short stories Submit any time, pays 1¢/word

Mystery Weekly Magazine wants crime & mystery short stories for upcoming issues. No deadline, pays 1¢/word. … Read more

Submission Call: MYTHIC wants sci fi and fantasy Pays 1¢/word; submission period Dec. 1–Feb. 1

MYTHIC, a publication for original sci-fi and fantasy stories, is open for submissions December 1, 2018–February 1. Works should be 2,000–6,000 words. … Read more

Submission call: Selene Quarterly wants short speculative romances, mysteries, and alternate histories Submission period Dec. 1–Dec. 15; pays 1¢–3¢/word for fiction and 25¢/line for poetry.

Selene Quarterly Magazine is a speculative romance, mystery, and alternate history quarterly periodical seeking short stories and flash fiction for upcoming issues. Submission period Dec. 1–Dec. 15; pays 1¢–3¢/word for fiction and 25¢/line for poetry. … Read more

Submission call: Nobilis Erotica wants erotic speculative fiction for its podcast Pays $25/story, no deadline

Nobilis Reed just emailed me to let me know he needs more erotic short fiction for the Nobilis Erotica podcast, a biweekly podcast dedicated to erotic speculative fiction and “the most prolific erotica podcast in the known universe.” … Read more

Submission Call: Future Visions seek speculative fiction Pays $150, no deadline

Future Visions seeks speculative fiction “[i]n the tradition of great television anthology series such as The Twilight Zone and Black Mirror. They publish anthologies each quarter and accept submissions on a rolling basis. … Read more

Submission Call: Colorado State University seeks literary short stories, poetry for Colorado Review Pays $200, submission period open Aug. 1–April 30

Colorado State University wants literary short stories and poetry for Colorado Review. The submission period is open Aug. 1–April 30; they pay $200 for short stories and $10/page for poetry. … Read more

Submission Call: Enchanted Conversation wants flash fairy tales Submit anytime; pays $5 for up to 500 words

Enchanted Conversation: A Fairy Tale Magazine wants fairy tales of 100-500 words for its new flash fiction feature. Payment is $5 per story; submit anytime. … Read more

Submission Call: Anathema wants speculative fiction from Queer POC, pays $50 | No deadline

Anathema: Spec from the Margins is a tri-annual speculative fiction magazine of work by indigenous LGBTQ2+ people and queer people of color. They are looking for fiction of up to 6,000 words for upcoming issues.
… Read more

Submission Call: The Dark pays 3¢/word for horror and dark fantasy

The Dark magazine is a monthly online magazine devoted to horror, dark fantasy, and experimental fiction that frightens. They pay 3¢/word for first world rights on original fiction up to 6,000 words. They’re open to submissions year-round. … Read more