Publisher warning: Authors complain of non-payment from Cool Dudes Publishing

For those authors who are not on Facebook or just aren’t connected to the gay romance community there, please take care if you are considering publishing your next manuscript with Germiston, South Africa-based Cool Dudes Publishing. A number of authors have complained in private Facebook groups and pages about not receiving scheduled payments for their work. They’ve also stated that emails to Cool Dudes Publishing to inquire about payments are going unanswered. A post on Absolute Write in a thread about Cool Dudes Publishing echoes this concern.

I am not listing any of the authors’ names here because none of them have given me permission to name them in this blog post, but wanted to get the word out ASAP for those who may be in the process of negotiating a contract with Cool Dudes. I will update this blog as more information becomes available and authors step forward publicly.

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