Publishing tips round-up: Audible disaster, what readers look for in an author newsletter, and more

Every week, I read a ton of useful articles on the writing and publishing business. While I share a lot of these on Twitter, it’s easy to miss them in a busy Twitter feed.

So I’ve decided to share some of the highlights here on my blog. I hope you find these links useful!

  • AUDIBLE ROMANCE PROGRAM: A Disastrous start! by Isobel Starling. Authors who signed up to enroll their books in a subscription “all you can read” program on similar to Kindle Unlimited are reporting shockingly low payment rates. In some cases, authors actually owed Audible money at the end of the quarter, not the other way around.
  • Authors: You Don’t Need the Smashwords Style Guide by David Jackson. This crib sheet is just a page long and tells you the essentials of formatting for ebook distributor Smashwords so you don’t have to slog through Smashwords’ 115-page guide.
  • Newsletter Survey Results by Alex Jane. MM paranormal author Alex Jane shares detailed results of a survey she conducted with her newsletter readers. Check them out for ideas on improving how you communicate with readers.
  • Self-publishing News: The Problem With Ebooks? by Dan Holloway. Dan Holloway of the Alliance for Independent Authors spouts off on ridiculous misunderstandings about the e-book market, discusses a flatlining the e-book market in Germany, Amazon monopoly concerns, and threats to copyright in a digital age.
  • Book marketing: Don’t mix up your peers, your friends and your audience by AC de Fombelle. The head editor at ebook distributor StreetLib discusses the basics of defining your audience so you can find your readers.

Have you read any interesting articles lately that gave you better insight into running your writing business? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

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