Call for Submissions - (Expired)

QUILTBAG submissions call from Strange Horizons:

We at Strange Horizons believe that twenty-first-century speculative fiction must be a global, inclusive tradition, fully aware of and working against the influence of historical marginalisations in both the stories it tells and the voices it enables to tell them. As part of that work, we are pleased to open submissions for a month-long celebration of queer SF from around the world, to be published in July 2016 and to include approximately 20,000 words of fiction (almost twice our usual amount), at least eight poems, and related non-fiction.

The deadline for all submissions is Sunday 10 April 2016. Please include “QUEER PLANET” and the title of your work in the subject line of all submissions for this special. Unless otherwise indicated below, submissions should follow our usual guidelines and acceptances will be paid at our standard rates [fiction is 8¢/word USD, within 60 days of contract].

Get all the details at

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