Rainbow Snippet: Born of Fire

It’s my first time participating in Rainbow Snippets! Rainbow Snippets is a weekly online event in which writers share six sentences from a work in progress or completed story that has a QUILTBAG (LGBTQIA) main character.

Since I’ve been traveling for the past few weeks and writing has gone out the window, I’ll share something from a completed work. Here’s six sentences from “Born of Fire,” an Irish m/m romantic fairytale that was released this past week by Torquere Press in honor of St. Patrick’s Day:

When Aodhán became a young man, he began to travel on his own. The unscarred portion of his face was quite handsome, set with blue-gray eyes and framed with flame-red hair. At first sight, girls would swoon over him. But then he would turn his head, revealing the disfigurement on the right side of his cheek and neck, and they were no longer so interested. 

This wounded his ego, but not his heart. He had no interest in girls beyond friendship, and a friend who could not see beyond the scar was not a friend worth having.

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