Rainbow Snippets: A Plant to Fall in Love With in “Darling Proktiphallus”

This week for Rainbow Snippets, I’m sharing again from “Darling Proktiphallus,” which appears in the new Lethe Press anthology His Seed: An Arboretum of Gay Erotica. In “Darling Proktiphallus” we follow JD, a horticulturist who works at a public garden in the Midwest, as he develops a more-than-professional fascination with a unique garden plant.

Rainbow Snippets is a Facebook group and meme for sharing excerpts from your own or others’ stories about queer/LGBTQIA characters. The goal is to share six sentences or lines—one for each stripe on the rainbow flag.

This scene occurs toward the beginning of the story. It’s winter, and JD has been working outside, pruning rose bushes in the snow. His co-worker and occasional lover, Robert, just buzzed JD on the walkie-talkie and asked him t0 visit one of the greenhouses. JD has just entered the greenhouse and peeled off his snow pants and coat.

When he saw Robert, he wished he could strip off even more.

Robert stood at the center of the room, his fingers wrapped loosely around the thick, sausage-shaped spadix of a flower JD didn’t recognize. The planter was set on a metal table level with Robert’s waist, and he took no notice as JD shut the door behind him. Robert stared at the plant as if in a trance, brushing his hand up and down the 6-inch spadix. A bead of nectar shone at its tip.

The scene suggested the beginnings of a delicate handjob.

If you enjoy sexy times and anthropomorphic plants—sometimes in the same story—read more about His Seed: An Arboretum of Gay Erotica.



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