Rainbow Snippets: Celebrating Release Day for Sexy to Go Gay Romance!

Today is the release day of the multi-author anthology Sexy to Go Gay Romance, which includes “Loggerhead,” my short story about a gay couple who finally get the honeymoon they never had. So that’s where my contribution this week to the Rainbow Snippets meme comes from:

Soon we were out on the empty beach, treading the strip of packed sand created by the tide. Thrilled not to be running on concrete for once, I’d left my shoes at the house. Jake wasn’t so foolhardy. “We’re not used to running barefoot,” he said. “And running in sand is already hard enough. I bet you won’t last fifteen minutes.”

I didn’t care. I loved the feel of the sand squishing between my toes, and how each stride forward seemed to awaken muscles in my legs I hadn’t used in centuries.

In addition to finding “Loggerhead” in Sexy to Go Gay Romance, you can also read it in my solo anthology Falling Hard: Stories of Men in Love.

Find more Rainbow Snippets on the Rainbow Snippets Facebook page or by looking for #rainbowsnippets on twitter. It’s a great way to discover new authors! And feel to free to browse other story snippets I’ve posted on my blog.

20 thoughts on “Rainbow Snippets: Celebrating Release Day for Sexy to Go Gay Romance!”

    • Thank you! Sometimes when I think about running on sand, I remember those scenes from Personal Best (a 1980s movie about Olympian track runners) of beach running and how brutal they were. Those thoughts make me more like Jake than Eric, at least for as long as I’m having them. 🙂

    • Ha! For me, it depends upon the sand. I like powdery sand, but sharp sand is no fun at all. And I like wet, compacted sand because it is so cushiony. Less trying on my joints than the clay soil we have around here.

  1. I have to agree with Nell, the thought of sand between my toes makes me cringe. The snippet is definitely not cringeworthy though. I love the “To hell with it” spirit and I hope he doesn’t come to regret it, although he probably will. pushing unused muscles never ends well


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