Rainbow Snippets: Six Sentences from “Pacific Rimming”

My contribution this week to the Rainbow Snippets meme comes from “Pacific Rimming,” my new, short m/m/m romance about a married gay couple who unexpectedly fall in love with a younger man while vacationing on Canada’s Vancouver Island. It was published by Torquere Press this week [Update: It’s no longer available from Torquere Press, but you can find here.] This scene takes place just before their first meeting:

He was crouched at the edge of the boardwalk just ten yards ahead of us and peering at something over the side, as still as a great blue heron waiting for prey. A bad metaphor for a bog where no fish live, but that’s how I thought of him, anyway. The periwinkle-grey of his T-shirt and his black, slightly mussed hair only added to the heron-like effect. A cowlick stuck out in the back in approximation of the bird’s feathered crest. His legs were folded like a heron’s too, tight as a pocketknife, his arms as close to his sides as resting wings. Their dark hairs were delicate plumage against his pale skin.

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