Russian LGBT activists detained over Chechnya petitions | AFP & SBS News

Four Russians and an Italian were arrested by Moscow police on Thursday when they attempted to deliver petitions containing 2 million signatures asking the Russian prosecutor general to look into the Chechen government’s persecution of men perceived to be gay, Agence France-Presse and Australia’s SBS News reported. Chechnya is part of the Russian Federation.

Five rights activists said they were detained on Thursday in Moscow as they tried to deliver a petition to the prosecutor general’s office calling for a probe into a reported crackdown on gay men in Chechnya.

Rights activist Nikita Safronov told AFP that he and four other people, including Italian national Yuri Guaiana, were taken into police custody as they walked toward the headquarters of the Russian Prosecutor General.

“We were bringing a request and petition signatures so that they investigate the crime against the LGBT in Chechnya,” Safronov said.

Later on Thursday all of them were released, they said.

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