Rainbow Snippets: A classics professor, a handsome student & a campus janitor stave off the forces of evil

It’s Rainbow Snippets time again. I had to skip last week after throwing out my back during a fun carpentry project (really, it was supposed to be fun—I’m just a bit older than I used to be), but this weekend I return with a snippet from Myths, Moons, and Mayhem, an anthology I’ve edited for publisher Sexy Little Pages that comes out this Friday. It features nine paranormal stories of male ménage a trois, one of my favorite relationship structures to read and write about. I’m so excited to finally get to share these tales with the wider world.

This snippet is from “The Secret of the Golden Cup” by Rebecca Buchanan, a delightful adventure in which a linguistics professor trying to translate an ancient artifact finds himself at the center of a magical war. With an unfairly attractive student and a campus janitor as his only allies, it’s not so easy to stave off the forces of evil.

This snippet takes place before everything goes to heck. Grover, the linguistics professor, is sitting in his office eating Thai food with Dominic, the unfairly attractive student—former student now, as the semester has just ended a couple hours before. It turns out Dominic is not only attractive; he’s also interested in Grover.

Dominic’s eyes were still that ridiculous shade of teal. Grover had tried to convince himself that he had exaggerated the color in his memory, but, no, they really were teal. And right now they were fixed on Grover with an intensity that made his stomach tighten and his cock take notice in a way that it had not for quite some time.

He really should have stayed seated when he had the chance.

Dominic’s eyes dipped. Grover thought that having that gaze off his face for even a moment would help, but it actually made things worse, because Dominic’s eyes were fixed down there and Grover could feel his erection swelling with every breath and every tick of the clock.

Dominic leaned forward, bracing his hands on the desk. “I really, really want to kiss you.”

Rebecca Buchanan is the editor of the pagan literary ezine Eternal Haunted Summer. Check it out!

And you can read more from “The Secret of the Golden Cup” in Myths, Moons, and Mayhem, which will be available in ebook and print. You can pre-order the e-book now so that it automatically sends to your device on Friday. Learn more at Myths, Moons, and Mayhem.

And if you’re on Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr, please take a moment to tell your friends about the book. It’s an easy way to get the word out. Thanks!


26 thoughts on “Rainbow Snippets: A classics professor, a handsome student & a campus janitor stave off the forces of evil”

  1. Heh, neither paranormal nor male-only menage are really my thing, but this is intriguing. The teal eyes thing grabbed my attention.

    • If there are any stories in the anthology that could make you overlook your tastes, I think it would be this one. The voice is so unique, and the storytelling grabbed me from the first paragraph and didn’t let me go (and the first time I read it was on a 10-hour airplane flight on very little sleep and crabby as heck, so that’s saying a lot).

  2. Well, I often do have to poke fun at myself for all the times I’ve said “I don’t really read [X topic]” and then promptly discovered one that opened my mind and heart. So maybe I’ll give it a shot after all. 🙂

  3. Nice tension and unfairly attractive is just about the funniest way to describe anyone. Unfair to who? Because it looks like he’s very fairly attracted to Grover.

    • I imagine them as what my mom would call hazel but without the gold bits — so streaks of blue and green alternating in a circle.

      And the story delivers as promised 🙂 (I get to say that since I didn’t write it.)


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