Sexy Snippet from “Far From Home,” an romantic sci-fi story

On the 19th of every month, the Erotica Readers and Writers Association hosts Sexy Snippet Day, inviting any author to post 200 words or less of published erotica as a comment to the association’s Sexy Snippets blog post. Today, I’m sharing a snippet from Far From Home, my erotic science-fiction short about husbands on different planets staying emotionally and sexually close through virtual technology—with a bonus 100 words to sate the appetites of the technologically curious. I hope you enjoy it:

Back when he got his relocation notice, it had been Mateo’s ingenious idea to adapt the common piece of lab equipment for use as a sex toy. The TTASS—or temperature, texture and shape simulator—used a combination of probes and ultra–high-frequency sonar to map three-dimensional images, then convert them into coded impulses similar to the nerve signals that dart from skin to brain when a person touches something. The impulses traveled to an individual’s rig and then to their brain port, where it was converted back into nerve signals.

And hence, the illusion of touch.

The TTASS monitors around Rajiv’s bed had warp generators and receivers, meaning they could relay Rajiv’s shape and texture to and from Mateo’s TTASS set-up almost instantly. Lips, cocks, hands, hair: thanks to the wonders of technology, all could be felt across the vast space between them. And if Rajiv ignored the occasional half-second delays and the fact that he couldn’t smell his lover’s skin or taste his sweat, it felt almost real—real enough that Rajiv’s cock felt tender Sunday morning from the pounding Mateo’s virtual ass had given it Saturday night.

Rajiv’s cock twitched. He palmed it instinctively.

Mateo grinned. “You sure look like you remember Saturday night.”

Heat flushed through Rajiv’s chest, peaking his nipples. “I might need to access my brain port again for a reminder.”

“Again? How many times have you revisited it already?”

“Oh, maybe once or twice.” Rajiv undid the top two buttons of his uniform shirt before pulling it off over his head and tossing it to the floor. He moved his left hand back to his groin, his right hand beginning a series of lazy figure eights over one of his nipples. “But I’d rather create new memories with you than relive old ones.”


Curious to learn more? You can purchase an ebook of Far From Home (authors’ proceeds go to bring persecuted LGBT Chechens to safety) and/or download a free audio version narrated by the velvet-voiced Nobilis Reed.

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