Sexy Snippet: Oral Arousal from “Sucker for Love”

On the 19th of every month, the Erotica Readers and Writers Association hosts Sexy Snippet Day, inviting any author to post 200 words or less of published erotica as a comment to the association’s Sexy Snippets blog post. Today I shared a snippet from “Sucker for Love,” which is featured in Licked, a pansexual oral erotica anthology from House of Erotica:

Sucking a man off in the shower is a strange thing. I couldn’t smell him, but I could taste his arousal, salty and slightly sweet. The water was a curse and a blessing. It lubricated things as it flowed down my face and into my mouth, making it easier to slide his length into my throat. But it also made it even more difficult to breathe than it usually was with a 2-inch-wide prick stuffed down my oesophagus. This was both slightly terrifying, and terribly arousing. I grabbed his arse and pulled him deeper. My throat started to spasm – a gag, technically, but to me it was pure pleasure. It was something I had learned to look forward to as part of the process of deep-throating, letting that wave of tension wash over me and not fighting it, because my throat would end up more lax and accepting on the other side. All I had to do was breathe deeply and wait.

And, oh, did I love deep-throating. Especially now. Especially with Tommy Macdonald.

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